1977 Ford F150 Project

1977 Ford F150 Project

Truck_Project1 is an automotive SCADA system which uses a Xilinx Spartan-3E to monitor real-time data, a PIC24FJ128GB110 to handle a keypad and route message traffic, a ATMEGA328P to drive a t6963 LCD screen, and a TS-7200/7800 to do I/O (turning on and off lights and reading switches).

the PIC24FJ128GB110 (PIC) will route message traffic to and from the FPGA, the TS-7200 and the LCD screen.

The menuing of the LCD screen and can display optional real time info like engine speed, engine temp, oil pressure etc coming directly from the FPGA.

There will also be a task to read the ADC's which measure temp sensors and the oil pressure. The FPGA has 2 serial ports (transmit only) that send rpm & mph data to a couple of off-the- shelf 4 digit LED's that will be on the dashboard. The FPGA also sends the rpm & mph data to the PIC via the SPI (as master).

Other telemetry data can be added later like distributor timing to use for spark advance.